Best software by Sperry Software, Inc.

Sperry Software - VCard Converter
It allows you to export Outlook contacts to VCARDS (VCF files).
Sperry Software - Contacts Sort Order
Ot is an Outlook add-in that fixes the sort order of existing contacts.
Sperry Software - Duplicate Email Eliminator
An Outlook add-in that allows you to easily remove duplicate emails.

Popular programs by Sperry Software, Inc.

Sperry Software - Always BCC
Always BCC will perform a BCC or a CC automatically when you send an email.
Sperry Software Duplicate Eliminator Bundle
Removes Outlook duplicates, works with, but does not require Microsoft Exchange.
Sperry Software - Send Individually
Adds a convenient "Send Individually" button to your toolbar for easy access.
Sperry Software - Incoming Mail Organizer
You can significantly lower the amount of space your rules take.

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